Coronavirus Attacks UK, Tottenham Reminds All Players Do Social Distancing

Tottenham Hotspur reminds all their players to do social distancing and not allow all players to leave their home during the Coronavirus lockdown. The UK is one of some countries in the world with high coronavirus cases too. There are so many people who suffer with this virus and we can find people are dying because of this virus too. The spread of this virus is very fast and it may attack people who still do outdoor activities and do activities with other people. All social media posts have already appeared some failure of doing social distancing that causes coronavirus attacks more people in the world especially in the UK. Media captures some images when Mourinho holds training season with Ndombele and the other image is about Ryan Sessegnon and Davinshon Sanchez who are running together in London Park. From the Instagram account, we can also see Serge Aurier post his activity when he is jogging alongside with other people. As we know this pandemic really influences the global situation including the football world. There are so many clubs including Tottenham Hotspur send their players to do self-isolation and they must stay at their home without doing anything. 

The Premier League’s decision is to suspend all things and all matches until the situation becomes better and there is no clear time when all things will be back to the normal condition again. A Spokesman of Tottenham said, all players need to respect the decision and they must see this global situation as a difficult situation and they must support to lower the case by doing social distancing. They also need to be careful when doing exercises in outdoor areas because we never know what will happen to us. This virus attacks in fast time and we sometimes don’t know that we are positive Covid-19 too. Tottenham needs to make clear regulation and restriction to all players. All players need to stay at their home except they need to leave their home because of reasonable excuse only. All people who are going outside need to stay at least 2 m from anyone else. It is safe to stay at their home rather than going outside in this pandemic. We need to respect the decision and we need to keep that this decision is important to save other people’s life too. agen sbobet online

The UK Government also reminds all people including football club owners, football players, and the public to stay at home because it will help to stop the spread of this virus. Tottenham should continue the message to all of their players so all players must follow this rule. As we know because of this virus, we can’t see a football match again until an uncertain time. All players must stay at their home and today they are in a new problem because they must cut their salary to help their club to handle this situation. There is no income because there is no game. Coronavirus also gives impact not only for football events but most sporting events in the world. It is not only for Tottenham Hotspur, but all other English Football Clubs need to remind all players and stakeholders to follow the rule.

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